Treatment Pricelist

BEAUTY TOX - Ultra Curative - Anti Ageing: OXYjet

Breathing new life into your skin & experience Europes Number 1 Facial Treatment, This full treatment  works on each individual section of your face smoothing away lines & wrinkles, toning and lifting your features and allowing your skin to be as plump & youthful as the day you were born.  Your skin will be thoroughly hydrated and will glow from within.

Timing:    1 Hour & 45 Minutes   £129.00    


OXYjet Preventative Anti - Ageing Treatment: OXYjet

This extraordinary treatment works on each individual section of the face, volumising and allowing the skin to be as healthy as physically possible to prevent future ageing. Your skin will be thoroughly hydrated and will glow from within.

Timing: 1 hour & 45 minutes   £119.00  


OXYjet Energising Skin Treatment

This literally breathes lift back into the skin giving a fresh youthful look to the skin and face.  Lie back and enjoy this refreshing oxygen facial that rehydrates dull, tired complexion with natural plant extract, instantly rejuvenating stressed skin.

Timing: 1 Hour   £65.00  

OXYjet - Anti Acne Treatment

 Oxyjet can be used for safe and effective treatment of acne.

This facial stops the formation of bacteria, this stopping any further development of acne. We use the same procedure as all other oxyjet facials except we use different ingredients.

Timing: 45 Minutes   Course of 10 Treatments £500
                              (£50.00 per treatment)



Liz Earle Ultimate Facial  £90.00 (just over one hour)

This truly unique and personal experience will boost your skin & your spirits. Our bespoke facial includes a beautiful massage to soothe those tired, aching muscles. The potent powers of naturally active ingredients will target personal skin care concerns to help restore the health and beauty of your skin. 

Soothe your emotions and rest your mind whilst listening to the soothing sounds of nature in such a warming environment. 

An exceptional experience, which delivers outstanding, long - lasting results.