OXYjet vs Botox


 Firstly, I am going to explain a basic procedure for Botox

Our muscles are always still, unless given a message from the brain.  Th messages given from the brain transport through receptors in the muscle.


For example: We listen to a joke and our brain sends a electrical impulses to the nerves related to the mouth, this then results in a laugh.

If you had a Botox treatment, the muscle receptors would be injected with a toxin called "Botulinum Toxin". Once injected, this toxin then kills the receptors, the receptors then cannot retrieve messages from the brain, therefore there is no muscle movement to cause any lines, but you will then be motherless expressionless, the only way the effect can be decreased is by the growth of new nerves, this taking 3 - 6 months.  

If someone kept topping up with Botox, the muscle receptors have a chance of never coming back.

Actresses from all across the globe are loosing their parts due to not being able to have expressions due to Botox.

There are also a lot of risks involved with Botox.  It is the most potent poisen known to date. One single gram of Botox is sufficient to kill 1 million people.


   How the use of Oxyjet is a natural alternative to Botox with extraodinary results


   The natural supporting tissue of the skin is depleted as we age, so when we do an oxyjet treatment, we use the medium of oxygen to deeply penetrate ingredients to the basal layer. This will naturally stimulate tissue growth and increase collagen. We pressure inject an ingredient to strengthen the fibres and we also use a tripeptide, thus being crucially involved in the strength & firmness of the skin.

All of these ingredients I have mentioned, we naturally had more of when we were young, however, this is what we lose with age, so all we are doing is putting all of those ingredients back into the skin in order to rebuild these tissues.



We also soak all cells with the ingredients below, they penetrate deeply due to our "no needle, oxygen pressure injections"


Ingredients Pressure Injecting into the facial skin are as follows

 Commiphora Mukal Extract

This extract stimulates lipids of the skin, thus mature skin gradually becomes plump and fuller naturally without the need for needle injections.

Syn Coli

This is a peptide which is able to stimulate the growth of collagen. This tripeptide also allows more water to be stored in the skin- clinical studies have shown significant reduction of wrinkles.

Syn Hy Can 

This molecule binds up to 1000 times its weight in water, this is crucially involved in the strength and firmness of the skin.

Hydrolised Maize Starch

This educates a moisture - keeping film on the skin and preserved in this way a long lasting feeling of smoothness.

Hyaluronic Acid

In its low molecular form, this penetrates deeply into the epidermis, stores the incoming moisture and cushions to wrinkles visible on.


Ingredients Pressure Injected into the delicate eye tissue are as follows

Sye Nake

This is a gentle muscle relaxer that works effectively to reduce expression lines. This works by the serum sitting in between the muscle receptors & the skin, this then confuses the cycle of tight expression lines.

Hesperdin Methyl Chalcon

Reduces dark circles by strengthening the fine cappilaries. It also reduces puffiness.

Syn Hy Can

This molecule binds up to 1000 times its weight, this is crucially involved in the strength & firmness of the skin.

Sorghum Bocolor Stalk Juice (Dynalift)

This smoothes and defines the area immediately after application, and even better results are seen after an hour.  The tightening effect of Dynalift can lead to significant reduction of lines and wrinkles - the skin appears smooth & lifted.

Matrixyl 3000 

Matrixyl 3000 contains an ingredient that works on age related skin damage.  It repairs damage caused over time, this visibly reducing the effect of lines and wrinkles.


Binds the pigment which are responsible for causing dark circles, this effectively brighting the eye area.

Syn Coli 

This ingredient is a peptide which is able to stimulate the growth of collagen.  This tripepetide also allows more water to be stored in the skin - clinical studies have shown significant reduction in wrinkles.


Ingredients that are Pressure Injected into & around the lip skin are as follows


Commiphora Mukal Extract

This stimulates the lipids of the skin in order for mature skin to gradually become plump and fuller naturally without the need for needle injections


Palmitoyl Oligopeptide 

This is an oil soluble peptde that has been proven to have a 3D effect on the lips, it also increases lip volume, hydrates the delicate surrounding skin & firms the lip contour for a firmer, smoother and better defined lip appearance.


Alaria Esculenta 

This extract was developed to nourish and protect the skin.  It will preserve skin elasticity and skin suppleness.