Tone, Tighten and Lift

  Toning, Tightening and Lifting 

During this phase the concentrated oxygen is applied to the skin through small rotating glass balls. This feels lovely on the skin but inside it is stimulating muscles and connective tissue.                                                                    The face contour is visibly lifted.                                                                                        

A tightening and decongesting cocktail of ingredients is then penetrated into the deepest layers of the epidermis and thoroughly soaks all of the freshest cells in the Basal layer with it.

It contains eyeliss which is a breakthrough ingredient that reduces puffiness and water retention around the eye area.

It contains Osmopur to shield from harmful environment and seals in the benefits of OXYjet.

It contains Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide, this will tone, smooth firm and tighten the skin.

If you have any loose skin under the chin, we can also work on this area to firm and bring contour back to the face.