Pure Collagen Masks & Oxygen Inhalation

  Pure Collagen for our Skin 

 Our Facial Masks are applied towards the end of an OXYjet treatment, they are velvety to feel, as they transfer onto the skin and moist down with water, they feel like nothng but dolphins skin to touch.

We use this type of mask as it is filled with collagen. Collagen is an identical bodily protein with a high water capacity. They significantly reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. It also contains moisture strong hydrolised elastin which tightens the skin and aids in the skin recovery at the same time.

Because of the high concentrations of selected active ingredients, an extraordinary level of effectivenss is achieved.

Whilst the collagen mask is working its magic, a nice little touch to offer is some oxyegn inhalation towards the end of the treatment. 


OXYjet Oxygen Inhalation

The concept and science behind nature's life source - Oxygen is the Elixir of life

  Oxygen is vital for all higher forms of life, because oxygen is responsible for supplying our cells with energy. Without oxygen, there is no cell metabolism and no regeneration.

Our skin's epidermis works in a monthly cycle, as we age the skin's monthly cycle can sometimes lengthen, allowing our skin to look dull and lifeless. The pure oxygen stimulates the cell metabolism of the skin allwoing the monthly cycle to work within its 28 days once again. 

The pure oxygen is very healthy for the human body and can help blow flow to our vital organs.

The pure oxygen also strengthens our immune system.