This is the most subtle way of supplying th skin with oxygen and carefully selected nutrients.

We do not realise, day to day our bodily systems are working so hard to keep everything ticking over.

Oxygen is a big part of cell metabolism and it helps to build energy carriers to keep those cells from the following:

Premature Ageing

  Premature Loss of Skin Firmness

Premature Loss of Blood Ciurulation and Pale Complexion

Oxygen helps to attract certain Immune Cells in the tissues for Healing Processes

It will speed up processes to help Impure Skins

 During this concentrated spray of oxygen, your skin will recieve both the boost of oxygen combined with a shot of moisture, deeply penetrating into the Basale Layer of skin.

This stage will regenerate any damage on your skin caused by sun or ageing, the result of which can be seen or felt immidiately.