No Needle Pressure Injection

No - Needle Pressure Injection 

The Pressure Injection is completely non - invasive and harmless.

The Pressure Injection Probes shoot out pure oxygen. Our skin is semi - permiable and will only allow certain substances to pass through it. As oxygen is a natural substance of our skin, it is allowed to pass through, therfore this allows deep penetration of where we need our ingredients to reach in order to achieve desired effect.

We pressure many natural ingredients into the skin with the use of the pure oxygen, including proteins that we naturally had as a youth and what we loose as we grow. So this system is basically allowing your skin to be naturally as youthful and healthy as the day you were born!

We will also penetrate natural proteins that have been scientifcally tested to help the following:

The underlying reason behing the "you must choose between your face and your figure" is that some people easily maintain smooth, plump skin whilst others sadly dont. In cosmetic medicine, a clients own body fat is often used to plump out skin folds and sunken cheeks. 

We use an ingredient that is now an alternative, which uses the principle of equity fat for restructuring in the most natural way.

Result: the skin becomes plumper, lips are volumised, wrinkles are smoothed and the face is streamlined and contoured. 

Expression Lines, especially on the forehead , around the eys and mouth are caused by constant muscle movement of the skin whilst we are speaking and laughing etc.

We pressure inject an ingredient called sy nake.  This ingredient gently relaxes the muscles, so unlike Botox, we do not notice any changes in our actions, however, the skin will notice that the muscle is more relaxed and therfore create less pronounced expression lines.

(Tests show a significant reduction in the depth of the wrinkle by up to 52%)

The Natural Supporting Tissue of the skin is depleted as we age which is seen in lack of firmness and increased wrinkles on the skin. We pressure an ingredient called syn col. This ingredient will stimulate the tissue growth, increase collagen and increase its new formation in the skin.

We also pressure inject an ingredient called sy hycan. This ingredient will then strengthen the structure of the collagen fibres. 

Our subcutaneous Glands function less effectively, which leads to increased dryness and therfore skin ageing. The preparations that we pressure into the skin meet the high requirements of the mature skin, they ensure that intensive moisture is sealed once pressure injected into the skin. 

The Fine Micro Capillaries which supply the skin with nutrients and oxygen are reduced with age, our skin then suffers from poor circulation, making it appear less tired and more rosy. The pressure injecting system, pure oxygen and special ingredients are shot into the deepest layer of the skin allowing them to work much better.

Overall, aswell as penetrating all of the proteins back into the skin that we had in our youth, we are helping strengthen all of our skins systems which will allow our skin to be as healthy as possible.