Lymphatic Drainage

   The Lymphatic System 

 Our Lymphatic System is the bodies cleansing system. We have lymph nodes in certain places all over the body. The lymph nodes filter out infection.

For example, if you had a cold, we have little lumps come up all around our neck that are tender, this is just the lymph nodes that are swelling due to the white blood cells called lymphocytes fighting the infection and filtering them out throught the lymph nodes.

In order for the skin to be pure, smooth and decongested we need to clean the lymph nodes and get the lymphatic flow around the body working as smooth as possible.

By using the poly rotating head through the OXYjet system, we can clean out 60 times the amout of toxins and badness than you could from manuel lymph drainage. The accumulated lymphatic liquids in the eye area are gently drained; therefore eyebags are visibly reduced.