How we prepare the skin prior to OXYjet

 The first stage of an OXYjet treatment will start with a deep cleanse.

Our skin's Epidermis is made of 5 layers.

Stratum Corneum (Skin Dies)

Stratum Lucidum (Old Age)

Stratum Granulosum (Adult)

Startum Spinosum (Youth)

Stratum Basale (Skin is Born)

The 5 layers of our Epidermis works in a monthly cycle. In the space of a month, our skin turns over like a human life cycle. Our cells in the Stratum Basale divide by mitosis and therefore create new born cells, which constantly push up through the layers above within the space of 28 days until they reach the Stratum Corneum when they eventually die.

In the first stage of any OXYjet treatment we remove and dead skin cells on the surface, these dead cells and only the dead skin cells are gently removed. Unlike other anti ageing facials on the market today - this stage is not harmful to skin atall (bearing in mind that doctors all over the world use OXYjet), it is extremely safe and non harmful to the skin.  OXYjet allows the skin to be as healthy as truly possible.