OXYjet Treatment

 A Cocoon of Tranquility is proud to present exclusive skin treatments for the spirited, sophisticated                              and health concious women who only want the very best.  Our mantra is inside out beauty.                                       

 OXYjet is rated the world’s No.1 skin treatment, not only being a main focus in the famous Harley St in         London but also being the only skin treatment available in the exclusive members only royal spa:                  Grace, Belgravia.

Grace, Belgravia is an exclusive members only royal spa where medical director, apothecary to HM the Queen will be working with OXYjet.  OXYjet is the skin treatment available at Grace with membership costing £6000 per year alone.            

  OXYjet is also a big hit with celebrities and is the one that keeps the likes of Kate Middleton looking so beautiful on her wedding day whilst Madonna has her own machine at home!

 When we are born, our skin is at its most beautiful and as we grow older it is to be seen in our faces, slowly but unavoidably!, this is due to us loosing special proteins that we naturally have when we are young.  Our system works by putting these proteins that we naturally had when we were younger back into the deeper layers of our Epidermis.

                       This system naturally allows us to bring back the skin of our youth and                                                       guarantee you the healthiest skin that could possibly be achieved.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                                      Diminish your Lines and Wrinkles                              

                                                          Firm and Plump your Features                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gain Kate Middleton's Royal Glow

                                               Thoroughly Hydrate your Skin      

                                                 Lift & Contour your Jaw Line



Explanations of how the OXYjet system works are explained step by step to the left hand side of the page.