Liz Earle Ultimate Facial

Our daily lives are constantly filled with responsiblities, things to do, people to see and jobs that need to be done! In the little cocoon of tranquility, why not take the chance to take a step back to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

This is a blissfull way to ensure you achieve beautifully glowing skin. A firm favourite and truly unique and personal experience, our luxury facial is a boost for your skin & your spirits.

Our bespoke facial combines the potent powers of naturally active ingredients with a beautifully soothing massage to soothe your tired aching muscles.

An exceptional experience which delivers outstanding, long - lasting results. Healthy, beautiful skin is revealed and your mind and body is left revitalised.

Soothe your emotions and relax your mind whilst listening to the soothing sounds of nature - this really is one treatment not to be missed!